Advantages of Preheating:

When proper engine preheating is accomplished, the engine will operate much like it does in warmer conditions. Premature engine wear and internal damage can be reduced. With cold soaked engine, the oil is very thick and will not be able to reach vital engine components until warmed sufficiently.

All the different materials that make up the engine expand and contract at different rates, causing much additional friction between these engine components.

These major causes of premature engine damage due to cold weather starts can be virtually eliminated with the installation of the proven E-Z Heat aircraft engine heater.

The E-Z Heat system makes for much more reliable starts in cold weather.

With the engine already warm and much more fuel efficient, there is also less run-up time required, therefore less fuel wasted on the ramp!


Advantages of the E-Z Heat System:

  • E-Z Heat is the originator of the Flexible Heating Pad Systems.
  • All units are FAA accepted, no STC or Form 337 required. Just make a simple logbook entry to note installation date.
  • Easily Installed: The E-Z Heat unit is quickly and easily installed. NO cutting of the hoses or removing of the cylinder probes or brackets are necessary.
  • Safe: Heats ENTIRE ENGINE through convection/conduction, not hot air.
  • Reduces Engine Wear: Allows easy flow of engine oil to vital components in extreme sub-zero weather.
  • Fast and Extremely Efficient: With this new space age material, the E-Z Heat system will heat 12 quarts of oil from -40° to +60° in one hour while using only 300 watts of electricity.
  • Thermostatically Controlled: Monitors oil temperature to eliminate the worry of oil carbonization.
  • Time-Saving: With the E-Z Heat system installed on your aircraft, you will no longer have to wait for the FBO to get to your airplane for engine preheats. Plug the system in (either three to five hours ahead of time or the night before your flight) and when you get there, the aircraft is ready to go!
  • Lightweight: The entire E-Z Heat system weighs less than 9 ounces.
  • Warranty: All E-Z Heat aircraft engine heaters are warranted for three years.  “Best In The Business!”
  • Reasonably Priced & Proven: Over 40,000 installed all over the world since 1984.
  • New Lite Brite® plug on cord – tells you if power is available to heater.
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