912 and 914 Rotax Engines

L3B if in an RG

This heater is a 2 pad system that is thermodynamically balanced to maintain around 165 degrees F on the oil tank and case of engine. By heating the engine for the bottom , the whole engine becomes warm as we all know heat rises. At -20 F after 4 hours, the oil temp is 160 degrees F, the case is 120F and the cylinders are 85 degrees F. It is designed for the light sport aircraft that utilize the 912/914 family engines. Simply peel and stick heater pads on the oil reservoir and bottom case and run power cord by dip stick and you are ready to go. Everything comes complete to do the installation.
No more cold starts that can prematurely damage your engine.

With the use of the new E-Z Heat model 912, the whole engine is nice and warm, even if the outside air temp is -30 degrees below!

35 1/2" cord connecting the 2 pads (no thermostat)

2 pads 1.5' X 6'


Price: $169.95

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