C-125 to O-300, E-165 to E-225

IO-360, TIO-360, TSIO-360

O-320 H2AD & Rear Carb, O-435

O-540, IO-540 AB on a 182

Power Consumption:
300 watts or less / Thermostatically Controlled

Power Requirement:
110/120 volts (models 441 and 540 are available in 220 volts)

Installation Tips: On the H2AD, the heater mounts on the forward slanted face of the oil sump. On the rear carb engine, the heater mounts on the bottom of the oil sump ahead of the carb.

Preheat Time:
3 to 5 hours on cold soaked engine, although, since unit is thermostatically controlled, it may be left on overnight, or all the time. Cowl covers and prop covers are recommended for extreme cold weather, They also reduce preheat time.

3 3/4 x 4 1/2
$ 169.95


Price: $169.95

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