Letters from satisfied customers


“I have installed several E-Z Heat units and have them to be excellent for sub-zero weather (-30 to -40 f) operation. Many are installed on part 135 aircraft and have been found to be impervious to oil leaks and the adverse conditions experienced here in Bethel, Alaska. I would highly recommend the E-Z Heat Heating System to anyone flying during the cold weather.”

Robair Repair
Bethel, Alaska

“We have tried all types of aircraft engine preheaters, the ones with cylinder probes, the band on the cylinders and the hot air type, and found out the E-Z Heat System worked the best for us. In fact we are able to buy cowl covers and engine preheaters from E-Z Heat for less than the others preheat system only! We highly recommend E-Z Heat Preheat systems to all our customers.”

Lake & Air
Division of Wipaire, Inc.
St. Paul, MN

“The E-Z Heat Aircraft Engine Heating System works extremely well for cold weather flying. It is very easy to install and can be run with a small,
lightweight generator, making the entire system completely portable. This heater takes the hassle out of wintertime pre-heating. All you do is plug it in. It will monitor itself with the built-in thermostat and when you come to fly, the entire engine is nice and warm. We have noticed that we have achieved immediate oil pressure with these units!”

Kips Strip
New Auburn, WI


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